eSagelink Dialer and Web Accelerator Software Installation

The Sage Internet dialer software is distributed on the Sage Internet CD.

  • If you have a Sage Internet CD, insert the CD in your computer's CD drive. The dialer installer should launch automatically. If it does not, open the contents of the CD and double click the SageInternet-EN.exe file.
  • If you do not have a Sage Internet CD, click here to download the dialer software. If asked, choose to "Save As.." and save the file to a destination you will remember (for example, My Documents or Desktop).
  • The Sage web accelerator software is automatically downloaded and installed by the dialer when connecting to Sage Internet for the first time. If for any reason you need to download the Sage web accelerator software, click here for more information.
  • To install the dialer software, double click the icon for the downloaded file.
  • The installer will begin the installation process.
  • Click Next on the opening screen to continue.
  • Read through the Sage Internet Terms of Use agreement. It contains valuable information about your rights as a user that you will be responsible for.
  • Once you are satisfied, click the I Agree button to continue installing.
  • If you do not agree to the terms, click the I Do Not Agree button. This will cancel the installation of the software.
  • The installer will begin copying the necessary files to your computer.
  • If you need to stop the install process, click the Cancel button.
  • This step should complete in a few seconds.
  • Once the necessary files have been copied to your computer, the software will ask you to choose your method of setup.
    • If you do not already have an account, choose the top option. This will allow you to sign up for Sage Internet.
    • If you already have an account and want to configure the dialer software with your current account, choose the bottom option. This will set up the dialer software using your current Sage Internet account.
  • Click Next when you have made your selection.
  • The software will now ask you to select a dial up phone number from the list.
    • Start by choosing a State from the drop down list. This will display all numbers for the State you have selected.
    • Choose a City from the drop down list. This will display all numbers for the City and State you have selected.
    • If necessary, choose an Area Code from the drop down list to further narrow down the available numbers displayed.
  • When an appropriate dial up number is presented, click on it then click Next to proceed.
  • This screen displays the number as it will be dialed by your computer.
  • If you do not require 10 digit dialing in your area, uncheck the Use 10-Digit Dialing checkbox. The number to be dialed will be updated in the text box to reflect the changes you have made.
  • If you need to make any further changes to how the number is dialed, click the Advanced button.
  • If no further changes to the dial up number are needed, click the Next button.
  • Advanced dial up options can be configured here.
    • If you need to dial an additional number to access an outside line, check the necessary box and enter the number in the text box. This is often necessary when dialing out of a hotel or office building.
    • If you have call waiting on your phone line, check the necessary box and choose the prefix needed to disable call waiting from your phone line. In most cases, *70 is the correct choice.
    • If your phone system uses pulse dialing, check the necessary box.
  • Click OK when complete. The number displayed in the text box on the previous screen will reflect any changes you have made here.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you select a dial up number that will be a local, toll free call from your location. Sage Telecom is NOT responsible for any long distance charges that you accumulate through the use of the Sage Internet service. If you are unsure if the numbers available are local, call Sage Customer Service at 1 888 449 4940 for confirmation.
    New User
    Existing User

    If you chose to create a new account, the software will now connect you to the internet and launch the Sage Internet online signup webpage. Follow the instructions on the webpage to create your account.

    If you chose to configure the dialer with an existing account, the software will now ask you to enter the account information for your Sage account. Fill in the requested information and click Next when complete.

  • You have now completed the setup of your Sage Internet account within the dialer software.
  • Information about your account and service is displayed in this window. Review it if necessary.
  • Click Finish when complete.
  • The installation of the dialer software is now complete.
  • Click OK to launch the Sage Internet dialer software.
  • This is the main window of the Sage Internet dialer software.
  • You have several options when using the dialer to connect to the internet.
    • Click Connect to connect your computer to the internet. You must then open your web browser or other internet program to use your connection.
    • Click Web to connect, then automatically open your web browser.
    • Click Mail to connect, then automatically open your mail program. Note that the dialer automatically configures Outlook Express with your email account, so it is preconfigured with your account information.
  • Click Settings to modify the setup of the dialer software.
    • If you have any questions about the Settings available within the dialer, click the ? button in the upper right corner of the dialer.
  • Web Accelerator Installation
  • The first time you connect with the dialer, it will automatically download the Sage web accelerator software. It will install automatically when the download is complete.
  • When installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer.
  • Click OK to restart your computer. After your computer restarts, the web accelerator software will be installed and ready to use.
  • The web accelerator will start automatically when you connect to the internet using the Sage dialer software.
  • NOTE: If for any reason you need to reinstall the web accelerator software manually, you can download it by clicking here. Double click the sageaccel.exe file after the download is complete. Follow the onscreen directions to complete installation.
    Web Accelerator Troubleshooting
    If you are having difficulties connecting with the web accelerator, click here for troubleshooting assistance.
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